Photography is an amazing gift to bless people with. You get to capture moments of immense joy, love, and celebration and leave a memory with your clients that will last a lifetime. I’m here to make that memory as amazing as possible. I started my business from the ground up and I’m here to help you do the same!

In college I decided to double major in Photography and Intercultural Studies because I knew I was called to traveling the world as well as photographing the people in it. The photography program at my college was full of competition and comparison. Our 3 hour classes were based on critiquing others, ourselves, and I got no encouragement for 3 years. After I left the program I realized how damaging it was. I stopped shooting for 6 months and thought I would never shoot again. When I fell back in love with photography in October 2020 I was still full of fear, left broken from a photography community that was toxic, but I was ready to push past doubt and do whatever it took to make my dreams come true.

My story: 

 I want to be able to give you the tools to succeed as well as cheering you on from the sidelines. Investing in your business can be scary but is always worth it! So let’s jump right in!

Q&A Session:

The Deep End/ 4-5 hours

This is perfect for people who are super new to the DSLR world and want to learn how to elevate their
photographs by shooting manually! We’ll go
over ISO, F-stop, and Shutter Speed, what
 they are and how to use them! This is great
 if you’re not ready to jump right in and
 just want to dip your toes into


This is a perfect starting point for your business! You’ll be able to ask me anything from editing, camera settings, to marketing. Come ready with a list of questions to fire away at me and definitely get a notebook and pen because you’ll be writing down a lot! This is perfect for someone who lives farther away because we can do this virtually over coffee in your own home.

$100 /hour

This is for the photographer that is tired of buying presents and can’t seem to find their own style. In this course, I can show you my editing techniques, my workflow and more! We’ll look at some of your RAW photos and edit them and figure out your unique style along the way!

This is for the photographer who wants it all and is ready to invest in their business in a big way. In this session, we’ll start out by grabbing coffee, chatting about your goals and dreams then we’ll head out to a portrait or couples session and you’ll get to learn hands on with me! After capturing some magic, we’ll drive back and go through my editing process step by step. This is a day full of knowledge and this is perfect if you live close by. Out of all of the courses, you’ll get the most out of this one and walk away with amazing photos as well!

Got the photography part down but get stuck when it comes to social media? I’ve been there. This course is great for people who are having trouble turning views into clients. This course will also help you reach tons of new people and how to get them to stay and follow your account!

Marketing, social Media and REELS:


$100/ hour


Abby Brown is the BEST. She was so intentional, professional, and personable with me as I celebrated a new milestone through photos. When I didn’t know how to pose, she encouraged me with ideas and is the ultimate hype woman.  


What they're saying...

What they're saying...

I hired Abby for my graduation pictures this spring. I have nothing but excellent things to say about Abby. First of all, she is knowledgeable about how to help her clients quickly become comfortable in front of the camera. As for someone who doesn’t love to be in front of a camera, this was super important to me. Additionally, she has a great eye and knows what will look best from her behind-the-camera angle. Not only is she a true professional, but she also has a sunshine personality that makes it so easy to connect and feel instantly comfortable when you are around her. Her turn around time from photo shoot, to sneak peak, to full album was faster than expected and not to mention, all of the photos were b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! Overall, it was a wonderful and stress free experience. I can’t recommend her enough and I can’t wait to do another photo shoot with her in the future. Thanks again Abby! 



Out of the seemingly endless amount of photographers in the area Abby is easily one of the best in the area. The amount of effort she puts into each photo she takes and then later edits is extraordinary.

What they're saying...

Talia and Kyle

My husband and I are so glad we found Abby to capture our big day. Abby has exceeded every expectation we had for our wedding day. From the beginning Abby has created a very fun and worry free environment.She takes the time to get to know you and truly treats you like a friend. We were brought to tears when we received our photo album, every single shot was perfect. she has been such a huge part of our entire wedding planning process and it would not have been nearly as perfect without her. We are so happy that we have so many beautiful photos to look at for the rest of our lives. 

What they're saying...

-Jonmarc and Angy

Jonmarc and I were so pleased with how our photos came out!! Abby was so generous with her time and is extremely easy to work with, energetic, and captures moments very well. She is very passionate about her work and is a trustworthy and hardworking person. She does her research beforehand and always goes above and beyond to serve her clients! We would highly recommend her to anyone!

What they're saying...


Abby was the best photographer. She went above and beyond in making our wedding the best day ever

What they're saying...

What they're saying...

I had never done a photoshoot before and Abby made me feel so comfortable!! I loved all the pictures!


What they're saying...

Abby is the best photographer and the greatest friend. She makes taking photos effortless and fun!

-Hope and Hunter

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